Hey, that's me. :3

June 15, 2018 — Daniél Kerkmann


oh really, another mainstream blog?
No way, it's not so. ;)

I don't try to write "any stuff". I try to write about faults, experiences and funny moments of my life.
Who knows, maybe i will find a good friend. (:

Enough with that, let's begin with the exciting part, what will you expect on that site? To write all the things in one sentence is quite impossible. The things that you will expect is diversified. I'm an inquisitive person who likes computer. It doesn't matter if the electronic is hardware, software or science-fiction. If the thing blinks or wake up my interests, it's a thought worth. Beside the complete nerd stuff, i like also Japan. The culture, history and beautiful sounding language. And last but not least, the Animes. Little fun fact, the name of the blog comes from the words "nerd" (computer freak) and "otaku" (Japan fan). The name Notaku compounds from both words. The word otaku could also translated as an outsider, but that's not what i am. I'm more an itself living person with a interesting way to think.

As you can see the translation is not perfect. If you like to read a perfect blog, it's the wrong place. I'm not very good in English and my Japanese is far away from my English skills. But i will try to write that blog in three languages. Maybe my English getting better, and the best way to learn a language is, to learn from the faults and i will do enough faults. XD

Enough about me, take a look and maybe you will find an interesting part on that site. Maybe we will can write about it. (:
By the way, feel free to correct my sentences, i'm very happy to learn from my faults. (:

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